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Your Local Repackaging & Compounding Pharmacy



The Benefits of Compounding:

  • Changing the dosage form  
  • If the patient cannot swallow a tablet or capsule, we can compound his/her medication into a liquid suspension or lozenge/troches

  • Changing the strength of existing formulations
  • If a much lower dosage strength is required for paediatric or pet dosing
  • Formulate without unwanted additives, fillers, dyes or active ingredients
  • If the patient cannot tolerate his/her medication due to dyes or fillers (such as lactose or corn byproducts)

  • Providing commercially unavailable medications
  • If the medication is discontinued or unavailable by a manufacturer

At Strathcona Compounding Ltd., we can compound a wide range of medications: bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, veterinary medications, pain management creams or gels, dental preparations, sterile preparations (injections, ophthalmic drops).

Call us today to find out if we can compound a customized preparation for your patient.

What is Compounding?

Compounding is a traditional way of preparing unique and specific medication.This approach allows the practitioner (and pharmacist) to prepare a customized medication that is not commercially available or to place an available medication in a difference dosage form to meet patient specific needs.