Compounding Medications for Other Pharmacies

Strathcona Compounding Ltd. is your answer to meeting your pharmacy’s unique medication needs.  You may contract Strathcona Compounding Ltd. to prepare difficult or labour intensive compounds for your pharmacy (for re-dispensing to your patients).  

Pharmacy Team

Our compounding team consists of pharmacy assistants and regulated pharmacy technicians, both with post secondary training through Red Deer College or equivalent.  Pharmacists supervise all dispensary and compounding activities.  Our pharmacists are also available to answer and research your compounding questions.

Pharmacy Staff Occupational Health & Safety Standards

Strathcona Compounding Ltd. ensures the safety of both your and our pharmacy team by preparing compounds in Vented Enclosures.  Simple compounds with diclofenac, hydrocortisone, or cyclobenzaprine powders are contained and protect staff from repeated exposure to any potential hazards.  Protect your staff by having our team prepare your compounds.

Quality Assurance

Strathcona Compounding Ltd. has made every effort to ensure the highest quality compounded medications are prepared by using USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) grade active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) whenever possible.  All compounds are prepared by Pharmacy Assistants / Technicians.  Each of the inactive and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) are weighed, a printout of the weight is recorded and attached to each prescription with the respective lot number of the API(s) / corresponding DIN(s) and expiry date. Data entry and check are completed by another pharmacy assistant / technician with a final check completed by a pharmacist.  A detailed audit trail has been established to ensure and verify quality assurance.  

Sterile Products

To ensure the safety of personnel in your pharmacy, we have obtained a Biological Safety Cabinet Class IIA (“chemo hood”) for cytotoxic medication preparation. Examples include methotrexate prefilled syringes.

Strathcona Compounding Ltd. also boasts a ISO Class 5 Laminar Flow Hood designated for preparation of sterile products such as injections (e.g. clysis, palliative medications, Vitamin D3), and specialty ophthalmic / otic preparations.  

Dosage Forms

Strathcona Compounding Ltd. can prepare a variety of compounds for your patients including gummy squares, chocolate squares, lollipops, suspensions, solutions, tablets, capsules, gels, creams, etc.  A variety of flavours (root beer, tutti fruity, raspberry, grape, banana, etc.) are available to help mask the taste of bitter medications.  We can use different fillers (potato starch, methylcellulose, tapioca starch) for patients with unique allergies or intolerance to excipients.

Delivery To Your Pharmacy Practice Site

Your patient’s prescriptions can be delivered (couriered within Edmonton city limits) or mailed directly to your pharmacy.  Turn around time is approximately one to two business days (exceptions will apply).