Our pharmacy is equipped with a laminar flow hood and a biological safety cabinet, allowing us to formulate sterile & cytotoxic preparations.  These compounds include eye and ear medications, numerous injections, pre-filling syringes and splitting commercially available vials.

Eye/Ear Preparations:

We are able to formulate a variety of eye and ear compounds that are not commercially available. Since these medications are directly applied to one’s eyes/ears, they are required to be compounded in sterile facilities to minimize the risk of product contamination.

Injectable Preparations:

Medications administered by injection are absorbed immediately, resulting in a quicker onset of action. We are able to compound a variety of injections including Vitamin A/B/C/D/E, hydromorphone, estradiol benzoate, and Trimix. We can also formulate injectable kits for some medications, thereby increasing their shelf-life. We adhere to rigorous practice standards to ensure our injectable preparations are accurate, sterile and stable.

Pre-filling Syringes:

Some patients may find it difficult to draw up their medication into a syringe for injection. Some healthcare practitioners, such as homecare nurses, may require that your medications are in pre-filled syringes in order to administer them. We can pre-fill a syringe with the exact amount of drug required. Common pre-fill preparations include methotrexate or palliative medications.

Splitting Vials:

Many commercially available injections are only available as single use vials. We can split the contents of a larger single-use vial into multiple smaller vials. This is done in a sterile environment to maintain the medication’s integrity, sterility, stability.  This practice extends the use of such injectable products, minimizes product wastage, and saves money.