Have questions about your medications?  We are here to help. Our pharmacist can sit down with you in a private uninterrupted session to answer your medication questions.  

Comprehensive Annual Care Plan (CACP)

Prepared in collaboration with our pharmacist, a comprehensive annual care plan is a document that outlines your health goals. It may include:

Albertans eligible for this service must have at least 2 chronic health conditions or 1 chronic health condition and one or more risk factors, among other criteria.  

Standard Medication Management Assessment (SMMA)

Similar to the comprehensive annual care plan, a standard medication management assessment will help you achieve your health goals, monitor and manage medications, and help you manage your medical conditions. It is meant for patients who do not meet the above criteria but have at least 1 chronic health condition and are taking 3 or more medications.

Tobacco Cessation Services

Prepared in collaboration with our pharmacist, a tobacco cessation assessment outlines your tobacco cessation health goals. This will include evidence-based tobacco cessation support and counselling, including pharmacotherapy support.

SMMA Diabetes Assessment

Prepared in collaboration with our pharmacist, a diabetes medication management assessment outlines your health goals specifically related to your diabetes management. This will include your blood glucose monitoring, medication optimization, and non-drug related treatments.

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