Custom compounding is the ability to combine, mix, or add two or more ingredients to create a final product. If a commercial product is unavailable, you cannot swallow tablets or capsules, have a bad tasting medication, have an allergy to any excipients (e.g. lactose or corn), or need an alternative method of medication administration, WE CAN HELP.

Our pharmacy boasts a team of experienced, knowledgable, and competent pharmacists and certified pharmacy technicians to custom compound your medication needs.

Preparation of specialized products requires time, expertise, chemicals, and equipment that are not readily available in most pharmacies.

We can prepare a variety of sterile products including prefilling cytotoxic medications (e.g. methotrexate or palliative medications (pain, nausea). We also prepare sterile eye / ear drops, and inhalation solutions (e.g. glutathione).

We have a range of custom compounded medications including:

Did you know some of the medications we can compound include: